Resolutions to Meet Your Mobility Challenges in Moneta, Bedford, and Across Virginia in 2024

Have you been having a more difficult time leaving the home lately? Or do you have an older relative who has? Aging and mobility challenges, in general, can make leaving the home or getting around within it an ordeal, making life itself less enjoyable.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

At ADL, we want to help you make the most of your life by meeting your mobility challenges head-on in 2024 and beyond. How can we help you meet your mobility resolutions? Read on.

Less Pain in the New Year

Anodyne Therapy Machine in Moneta and BedfordOne of the most significant limiting factors for our movements and ability to take part in daily activities as we age is chronic pain. As we’ve discussed, there can be many reasons for chronic pain, from structural and nerve-related reasons to temporary issues.

While rest, therapy, and medical intervention may be necessary for some acute problems, sometimes finding ways to treat the inflammation can get you to a place where you’re feeling better.

Some ways to do that include getting exercise (though, unfortunately, pain discourages that), removing items that cause inflammation from your day, and improving circulation. ADL helps our clients enhance circulation by offering Anodyne Therapy machines to stimulate the circulation in your body. We also provide compression stockings and lymphedema pumps, whose gentle pressure can improve vascular circulation and relieve some types of pain.

Help Getting Out

U-Step Walker in Moneta and BedfordOf course, not all pain is treatable, and sometimes, mobility challenges aren’t the result of pain. So, if you are determined to get moving despite your pain or other mobility problems, or as part of recovery from it, you should consider ways to keep yourself stable while walking.

Another product we offer is U-Step Walkers. U Steps are perfect for individuals with stability or balance issues. Unlike traditional walkers, they have heavy-duty wheels on the bottom, allowing you to traverse terrains without ever having to lift them, making it an ideal choice if lifting causes a fall risk or if the person using it has limited upper body strength.

Assistance with Home Mobility Challenges

Finally, some of our most vital movements are in our homes. Our homes are where we spend the most time and their places where we should be able to fully relax and be comfortable. So when the mobility challenges are for getting around your house, they can be particularly devastating.

We can do a lot to make our homes more accessibility-friendly. Simple changes like removing obstacles or finding ways to widen doorways can improve your mobility.

But the most difficult part about moving around your home when you have mobility challenges is getting from one level of the house to another. When we’ve lived in a home our whole lives, downsizing can be a difficult or impossible option.

So, the best way to make a multistory home more accessible is to add a stairlift or wheelchair lift. Which works better for your situation will vary depending on your circumstances, but both have multiple models with options for sale or rental.

Regardless of your mobility challenges going into 2024, ADL wants to help you have a happy, healthy New Year!