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U-Step Walkers

If you or an elderly loved one is having balance issues, we have numerous types of U-Walkers in stock that will keep you steady on your feet.

If you are experiencing balance issues, Advances for Daily Living has several types of U-Step Walkers in stock that will keep you steady on your feet.  All U-Step Walkers fold for easy transport and come with an array of standard features.

U-Step 2

The U-Step 2 Walking Stabilizer was designed to increase independence and prevent falls. With features like ergonomically positioned handlebars, hand brake, spring-loaded front wheel, 4-inch non-marking casters, and optional laser and sound cueing module, the U-Step 2 provides superior stability, maneuverability, and control compared to other walking aids.

Many people find that wheeled walkers roll too fast for them. That’s why U-Step engineered a control setting for rolling resistance, so you can adjust to your desired rolling speed. Plus, there is no need to worry about it rolling away from you. With the innovative Reverse Braking System, the U-Step 2 will not roll until you lightly squeeze either hand brake. This feature puts you in complete control and is particularly helpful when standing from a chair.

Do you or your loved one experience Parkinson’s freezing or an irregular gait pattern? The optional Laser & Sound Cueing mode can help get you started, normalize walking, and increase stride. Just press the red button to project a bright red laser line on the floor to guide your step, and turn on the sound feature to set a beat pattern for walking speed.

U-Step Walker in Danville, Platform ModelU-Step 2 Walker: Platform Model

The U-Step 2 Platform Model has the same leading-edge features as the standard U-Step 2, but includes arm platforms in the place of standard handlebars, making it ideal for those who have experienced a stroke or brain injury. It is also excellent for those who have a weak upper body or tend to stoop over.

U-Step 2 Walker: Press Down Model

U-Step Walker in Lexington, VA, Press Down ModelWith all the fine features as the standard U-Step 2, the U-Step 2 Press Down Model features a soft rubberized press down brake handle in place of the standard hand brakes. To go, lightly press down on either the left or right release lever. Then simply release the brake handle to stop. The U-Step 2 Press Down Model also offers the option of using the flip brake bar to operate the brake system. Whichever method you prefer, it’s an excellent alternative for those without the hand strength to squeeze the standard hand brake.

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