Anodyne Therapy Machine in Hardy, Moneta, Danville, & Surrounding Areas

For the treatment of peripheral neuropathy—weakness, numbness, and pain from nerve damage, typically in the hands and feet—an innovative, noninvasive, and painless therapy that makes use of infrared light is known as ananodyne therapy machine.

For best results, ananodyne therapy machine is used in conjunction with physical therapy. It releases nitric oxide, a powerful vasodilator, from your red blood cells using near-infrared light. Nerve function is enhanced by the localized release of nitric oxide, and it is also necessary for the development of new blood vessels and skin cells, which are necessary for wound healing. 

Anodyne Therapy has been used on a lot of patients by Dr. Lon Horowitz, and his research shows that it can speed up wound healing by 40% to 55%. His documented cases of non-healing lesions treated with Anodyne Therapy include: Anodyne Therapy Machine in Hardy, Moneta, Danville, Blacksburg, Lynchburg

  •  Five months later, a 40-year-old venous stasis ulcer was healed.            
  •  A venous stasis ulcer that was 13 years old healed in five months. 
  •  A heel ulcer, a diabetic ulcer that has been present for two years, and a wound that has dehisced after surgery. The patient had to use a wheelchair. After five months, everything was back to normal and the patient was able to walk again—the first time in two years.            
  • In just four months, a diabetic toe ulcer that was supposed to be cut out healed. 
  • The novel, painless treatment known as anodyne therapy makes use of infrared light to treat peripheral neuropathy-related pain, numbness and decreased circulation. Physical therapy and anodyne treatment are combined to achieve the best results. 

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