Why Onsite Evaluation is Crucial for Your Roanoke Stairlift Installation

In the internet age, you can have nearly anything you could ever want delivered to your home, but if there’s one product transaction you don’t want to complete online, it’s your stairlift purchase. That’s because just as crucial as the product is your stairlift installation, and to know what you need, you need a proper home evaluation.

Understanding Requirements

a stairlift at the top of stairs and Why Onsite Evaluation is Crucial for Your Roanoke Stairlift Installation

One vital piece of stairlift installation is understanding the requirements of the homeowner. Before we make a suggestion, let alone begin installing, we ask questions:

  • Why Do You Need a Stairlift?
  • Will it be permanent?
  • ¬†Who will be using it?

These are just a few of the things we ask to get started. Your answers will shape the rest of the conversation.


Part of the discovery process is understanding if a stairlift is the best solution for you and, if so, which one. We can sell or rent stairlifts depending on your needs. For example, if the purpose of your new equipment is to aid in recovery from an injury, rental may be your best option.

installer helping provide measurements and Stairlift ServiceAssessment

If we determine a stairlift is the right solution for your home, the next step is to assess the house itself. This involves understanding your dimensions and any limitations.


Not every stairlift fits every home. We’ll measure your staircase, width, and length, so we can order the right equipment to fit your home.


Next, we’ll check for obstructions. Unfortunately, there are many things that can get in the way of proper stairlift installation and operation.

Curved staircases can be a challenge for installation. So can certain banisters and handrails. In addition, a certain amount of overhead clearance is necessary, making installation in non-standard-sized homes potentially tricky or impossible.

Overhead, doorways can obstruct movement. Underfoot, it may be carpeting or floor coverings. And the width of the staircase is just as essential of a factor.


As you probably noted in the previous section on obstructions, some problems are easier to fix than others, but all will require your (the homeowner’s) permission. For example, while some homeowners have no problem removing a banister, others might prefer to scrap the project and install an elevator!

Widening a stairway can range from difficult to impossible; the same goes for adding height. So no matter what we do next, we’ll talk to you about what you’d like. Your particular situation and preferences are what matters.

Quote and Stairlift Installation

Once we understand your home and have explained the situation and process, the next step is to provide a quote. All quotes will be all-inclusive.

When you talk to a stairlift installer, ensure there are no hidden fees before you agree to anything. Ask if the quote includes full installations and all parts. Ask about tax and shipping too.

Finally, enquire about maintenance. A maintenance contract should be available but not required! And service reps for the installation and maintenance company should be available whenever you call.

Are you ready for your new stairlift installation? Contact us or call to learn more!