What Makes A Home Appropriate for Stairlift Installation in Southwest VA?

Home renovation can be intimidating in the best of circumstances! In fact, 60 percent of people report a general decrease in well-being due to stress during renovation projects. When your health depends on the change, you might think the renovation would be even more stressful. Luckily, stairlift installation in Southwest Virginia is a fairly straightforward process that’s simpler than many other home remodeling projects.

Even so, here are some home features that can make stairlift installation easier and how ADL  handles the less easy installations.

Wide Staircases

Unsurprisingly, stairlift installation is easier with a wide staircase. Wide staircases give room for the size of equipment you need and require less renovation to install new equipment.

Getting Around a Narrow Staircase

Stairlift Installation, Stairlift Rentals, and Stairlift in Southwest VAIf your staircase is narrow, don’t despair! We’ve seen it before, and there are solutions.

Beyond remodeling, which may be an option depending on your home, there are other ways around a narrow staircase. Firstly, we offer some compact and foldable models of stairlifts. Often, this is enough to allow your stairlift to fit.

Sometimes, a platform lift (aka wheelchair lift) is also a simple remedy, depending on your home’s layout.

Straight Staircase

The most straightforward stairlift installation is in straight staircases. Most stairlifts are designed to accommodate a straight staircase out of the box upon stairlift installation.

Stairlift Installation Without a Straight Staircase

Like narrow staircases, a curved staircase or one that includes a turn are not necessarily deal breakers for stairlift installation. They simply require a little more creativity.

With a curved staircase, ADL will custom design a curved track for your stairlift so that it can safely navigate your particular staircase.

Loading Space

Your stairlift requires space at the top and bottom of your staircase to store the lift when not in use. While a compact or folding design requires less space for storage, you will need to ensure that there is enough space for the stairlift user to load and unload for the lift.

During our initial assessment, ADL will help you understand if you have the space necessary for your particular loading and unloading needs. Not everyone requires the same amount of space.

Staircase Stability

One of the most critical issues for stairlift safety is your staircase stability. Since your home was not likely built with a stairlift in mind and may have even deteriorated over time, ADL will take the time to ensure the stability of your stairs before adding additional equipment. With the right remodeling, you can improve the stability of your staircase if it’s currently unready for an additional load.

ADL Will Assess and Handle Your Stairlift Installation Needs

No matter the specific challenges or your particular home’s stairlift installation, chances are that ADL has seen them before! So don’t assume it can’t be don’t if you can’t see a way forward yet.

We start every project with a home assessment. We’ll tell you a price and plan for your stairlift installation and let you know about any accommodations we’ll need to make within your home to make it work.

No matter the situation, ADL is the right choice for your stairlift installation, and we’ll help you find your way forward and up!