Routine Stairlift Maintenance in Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Moneta, and the Surrounding Areas

As important as choosing the right stairlift for your home is, it’s equally essential to keep it in good working condition with routine stairlift maintenance. While certain tasks should only be performed by trained stairlift technicians, there’s other regular maintenance you should attend to on your own.

Prevention as Routine Stairlift Maintenance

Firstly, the way to keep any complex machinery running is prevention rather than repair. So the first step to ensuring your stairlift works correctly is understanding how it’s supposed to work and what you need to do.

Safety First

Routine Stairlift Maintenance in Blacksburg, Christiansburg, MonetaA good installer will teach you the ins and out of operating your stairlift, but we also advise you to read your stairlift manual so you can understand as much as possible for yourself. Always follow manufacturer guidelines!

To begin with, keep your stairlift’s track clear of obstacles! One common way stairlifts fall into disrepair is when objects become stuck in their tracks. This is most common in intergenerational households, but keeping an eye out for items on your track is advisable, no matter your living situation.

Besides damaging your stairlift or the object itself, getting an object stuck in your stairlift’s tracks can also cause injury to the person seated in the lift. Further injury or damage can occur when removing the obstruction, so call your trusted stairlift technician if something is stuck.


Another fundamental part of routine stairlift maintenance is cleaning.

Because stairlifts consist of many sensitive and interlocking parts, not all cleaning materials are appropriate for use on your stairlift. Again, knowing your machine goes a long way in doing it right, but generally speaking, it’s safest to use a soft cloth, and a mild cleaning solution. Never use harsh or abrasive chemicals unless otherwise explicitly noted.


Many stairlifts require lubrication around the moving parts for smooth operation. ADL sells chairlifts that require little to no grease. That’s ideal because it makes clogs and buildup less likely.

If your stairlift requires lubrication, always use the prescribed amount. Too much can cause a problem as easily as too little. And if you have any questions, consult a professional.

Battery Maintenance

Anything with a battery needs to have the battery replaced on occasion. Stairlifts are no different. But while the batteries in your TV remote failing are inconvenient, the consequences of battery failure in your stairlift are more severe.

Don’t wait until a malfunction or stoppage to replace your stairlift’s batteries. Instead, treat it similarly to your smoke detectors and follow manufacturer instructions for routine battery replacement.

Professional Servicing as Part of Routine Stairlift Maintenance

Finally, while there are many simple procedures like cleaning that you can do on your own, there are some tasks you should always leave to the professional. At ADL we are happy to perform your routine stairlift maintenance tasks for you.

While we can change your batteries, we’re especially invaluable for testing safety features, checking functions, and fixing and replacing parts that are no longer in good working condition.

With something as essential as your stairlift, the best time for maintenance is always before you need it! Consider signing up for a routine stairlift maintenance plan.