Other Factors to Consider When Choosing a Stairlift in Southwest Virginia

At ADL, we help people of many different situations and with varying mobility ranges to make their homes more accessible to allow them to live fuller lives. We’ve discussed some of the most common factors when choosing a stairlift. But what about more specialized circumstances?

Here are a few other ways to pick the stairlift for unique situations.

Is There More Than One Stairlift User?

Stairlift, Stairlift Service, and Stairlift Installation in Southwest VirginiaWhen you consider that 1 in 4 Americans will need some mobility assistance at some point in their lifetimes, it stands to reason that some home stairlifts will be used by more than one individual within the household.

When multiple users within your home need access to the stairlift, there are additional factors to consider when choosing a stairlift.

Call/Send Feature

If two people in the home need a stairlift, they may sometimes need to use it to get to the same floor. But if one person takes the lift to the top floor, how will the person waiting on the ground floor use it? The answer to this issue is a call-and-send feature.

With the press of a button, you can call the stairlift from the opposite floor to the one where you wait or send the lift back after you’ve used it.

Different Type Bodies

As with any chair, different users have their own preferences for comfort. Different heights of humans mean different heights of chairs. We’ve all had the experience of adjusting the car seat after someone else has used it!

Adjusting your stairlift seat can also be frustrating, especially when you depend on it to get somewhere quickly. That’s why saving setting preferences can be a timely and convenient feature for people who share a stairlift.

Might Loss of Electricity Be An Issue in Your Home?

If you live somewhere with frequent loss of electricity, as can be the case in the more remote areas surrounding the Roanoke Valley, a power outage can leave someone with limited mobility with the unenviable choice of remaining stranded on one floor or risking injury.

While many people in the more rural towns invest in a generator, a localized solution that will help you with your stairlift is a battery backup option. With a battery backup feature for your stairlift, you can use it even during a power outage.

Heavier Users

Not every stairlift is equipped for every person. Most stairlifts are built to accommodate people up to 300 or 450 pounds. However, some are made to accommodate heavier users.

If a user is in between weights or has a condition that may cause weight fluctuation, they choose the lift with a heavier capacity.

ADL Will Guide You Through Choosing a Stairlift

Since it would be impossible to write about every variable in a single blog (or even an entire website!), it’s essential when choosing a stairlift to speak with experienced stairlift suppliers and installers.

ADL will use our long record of experience to ask you the necessary questions to choose the perfect stairlift for your unique situation.