Home Holiday Safety for Mobility Challenges

They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and for many, that’s true. It may be the one time of the year that the entire family gets together. But with many people from different generations with different needs getting together, safety can be a concern, especially safety for mobility challenges.

Luckily, with some preparation, you can ensure that your holiday festivities are joyful and fun for all attendees. Here’s how to ensure holiday safety for mobility challenges.

Understanding Needs

The essential first step to creating a safe environment for your family is understanding everyone’s needs. Just like you’d check about food allergies before making a meal, you should find out about your family’s mobility needs.

Not everyone with a walker has the same needs, so see how your family is doing before hosting and make the necessary accommodations.

A Clear Path to Safety

Woman in Wheelchair with Mobility Challenges on a Wheelchair Lift in Covington, Lynchburg, Danville, Hardy, BluefieldWe all get used to living in our own environments. That’s true of visitors as well as hosts. So it’s vital when you host others with mobility issues to attempt to look at your home with fresh eyes.

You may be used to that cord that cuts across the living room, but visitors won’t be, and while a trip can be painful and embarrassing for anyone, for older people, it can be hazardous.

Before you host for the holidays, ensure your floor is clear of obstacles to create safety for mobility challenges.

Uneven Ground

Another place where your home can become dangerous is uneven ground. Not every house is perfectly level, and slanted or uneven floors can be a problem for anyone already unsteady on their feet.

Unfortunately, leveling out your floor is no simple task, and it’s unlikely that it’s something you can complete before the holidays! But you can be aware of potential problems and make your family aware, too. Then, you can offer relatives a warning and a steady hand as they go through those areas.

Remember Pets

Pets bring a lot of joy and love into our lives, and they’re family members, too! But pets can be a hazard for those with mobility issues. While dogs especially can be an asset for creating safety for mobility challenges, when they’re untrained and unused to being around a person unsteady on their feet, they’re more likely to knock someone off balance inadvertently.

Take extra care when your pets are interacting with older relatives or anyone who is unsteady on their feet. Transitions are when we’re the most vulnerable, so be available to help relatives up and through rooms. And restrain or put away animals when needed.

Temporary Mobility Help – Renting a Stairlift

Depending on the severity of your guest’s mobility issues, your budget, and how long the family will be staying, you may consider temporarily installing a stairlift. If you have a family member staying with you and they need to get upstairs, renting a stairlift may be the perfect solution for ensuring their safety and mobility challenges.