Help with Treating Chronic Pain in Lexington, Martinsville, and Everywhere in Between

Did you know that 1 in 5 American adults experience chronic pain? The pain can be the result of many reasons, but among that 20% of Americans, for nearly half, in has a high impact on their lives. And treating chronic pain is essential for improving their life’s quality.

Causes of Chronic Pain

There are many causes for severe pain. Some include chronic disease and their treatments, aging, musculoskeletal problems, and diabetes. Sometimes, chronic pain can be the result of an injury.

You should always speak with your doctor to determine the cause of your pains rather than self-diagnose. When pain is the symptom of a more significant issue, treating the issue can relieve the pain.

Likewise, after healing from an injury or getting the injury corrected, your pain may heal over time—the temporariness and length of time you’re expected to experience pain all factor into the recommended treatments.


Neuropathy is damage to the nervous system and neuropathic pain is the resulting symptom of that pain. This pain can often be challenging to treat since, unlike a skeletal or muscular problem, it is difficult to reach or manipulate the nerves. One common cause of neuropathy is diabetes.


Like installing a stairlift for an injury, treating your pain can be temporary if an injury causes the pain. But even temporary pain can impact your life.

Skelotmuscular Conditions

Skelotomuscular pain can result from an injury, misalignment, or a more chronic condition. Arthritis and Fibromyalgia are two examples of chronic skeletomuscular conditions.

Poor Circulation

Lymphedema Pumps in Lexington and MartinsvilleFinally, poor blood circulation can lead to pain and tingling in the affected parts of the body. Like neuropathy, poor circulation is also frequently caused by diabetes. But there are other reasons patients may experience poor circulation, including obesity, cardiac and pulmonary issues, and autoimmune diseases. Poor circulation can cause chronic pain and numbness.

Chronic Pain Treatments

Every person’s situation is different, and not every approach to pain treatment will be the same. You should always consult a medical professional when developing a pain management plan. Often, plans include a multi-pronged approach. Here are three common methods of treating chronic pain, two of which ADL can help support!

Anodyne Therapy

Anodyne therapy is the first infrared therapy machine approved by the FDA. It uses diodes to send infrared light into the body to stimulate circulation and nerves. Anodyne therapy can be an effective way of treating chronic pain caused by neuropathy or poor circulation.

Compression Socks and Lymphedema Pumps

Another way to treat circulatory problems and the resulting pain is with compression. ADL supplies two types of compression therapy – compression stockings and lymphedema pumps.

Compression stockings can help to stimulate blood flow to and from different parts of the feet and legs. Other people need different levels of compression as well as different size stockings.

Lymphedema pumps help move around the body’s lymph fluid to ease swelling and pain.

Both help to improve circulation and can be used separately or as part of a larger treatment plan.


Of course, some of the most common pain treatments are pharmaceutical. Drugs can be a critical part of a pain treatment plan, but addiction issues and the body’s adaptation mean that some patients prefer to avoid them when treating pain long-term or use them with other therapies.

Help With Treating Your Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain can have damage your quality of life. ADL understands the need for a dependable source for treating chronic pain and other medical products. We help our clients live their best lives.