Financing Mobility for Stairlifts and Wheelchairs in Blacksburg, Rocky Mount, Lynchburg, Lexington, and Surrounding Areas

Medical issues are never welcome. But when they come on unexpectedly, as they often do, the expense can be a surprise you haven’t prepared for. Luckily, there are several options to help with your home mobility upgrade financing. 


We’ve talked about financing options for aging in place before, but it’s such an important subject we wanted to devote another blog to it to give you some additional financing options because no one should be unable to fully use their home because of a lack of money. 


Internal Mobility Upgrade Financing


Firstly, we’d like you to know that ADL offers our own mobility upgrade financing options. If you choose ADL to install your stairlift or wheelchair lift, not only will we give you a thorough consultation to help you choose the right product for you, but we’ll also install it and offer you financing options if you don’t have the capital to cover the cost upfront. 


Our customers are important to us, and we do our best to meet all their needs. 


Stairlift Rental


Financing Mobility for Stairlifts and Wheelchairs in Blacksburg, Rocky Mount, Lynchburg, LexingtonSometimes, sudden mobility issues are also temporary. If you or someone you love has suffered an accident or illness that has made going up and down the stairs difficult or impossible, a stairlift will be the safest solution. But it doesn’t have to be a permanent part of your home. 


We offer the same quality products, consultation, and installation for our chairlift rentals that we do for our stairlift sales. If your mobility issue is temporary, a stairlift or wheelchair lift rental may be the perfect solution to meet your needs. 


Government Assistance


We’ve written a blog that primarily focuses on government assistance for aging in place, and we encourage you to read it to get more details. But the gist is that several government programs offer aid for items like stairlifts, chairlifts, and other home upgrades. Not every program will work for every circumstance, but here’s a brief listing of each:


Medicaid and Medicare: Sometimes, you can use HCBS waivers to help ease the cost of your home modifications. 


Section 504 Assistance: One use of 504 assistance is upgrades for mobility issues. 


Department of Veterans Affairs: If you’re a veteran, many VA programs can be used to support your home mobility upgrades. 


Virginia Programs: There are several programs that support aging in Virginia. Check out our previous blog for more details on using them for mobility upgrade financing. 


Home Improvement Loans and Other Loans. 


Many of the changes you’d make to your home to support aging in place are eligible for home improvement loans. Talk with your local broker for more information. 


In addition to traditional banks, credit unions often have more flexibility when offering mobility upgrade financing loans. They can be instrumental when looking for a loan too small to interest a bank but more significant than you’d want to put on a credit card. 


Care Credit


Care credit cards are often available to use for medical expenses. Frequently, you can pay no interest for a certain period. It’s essential to take care when using these, however, to pay off your loan in the allotted time to avoid having the entire interest amount tacked on at the end. 


Pick Your Best Mobility Financing Options


While ADL doesn’t explicitly endorse any of these particular mobility financing methods (other than our own programs), we’ve seen them provide value to our clients. We hope you find the best financing options for your particular situation.