Common Stairlift Repairs for Customers in Bedford, Botetourt and Beyond

Your stairlift is meant to make moving through your home safer and more accessible, but if you don’t keep your lift in good working order, it can stop working and maybe even cause injury. That’s why ADL recommends routine maintenance to prevent the need for these common stairlift repairs.

Broken Armrests

Since we lean on our armrests in the chair and put extra weight on them when entering or exiting the chair, these are often one of the first things to break. Armrests upholstery may also wear over time. Luckily, replacing an armrest is a one of the simplest common stairlift repairs

Fraying Cables

One of the most dangerous ways a chairlift can break is the wear and tear of cables. Cables may fray or even snap when not cared for. Regular maintenance, including lubrication, is vital for the continuing operation of your chairlift. If you notice fraying, you should call for stairlift repairs immediately.

Track Bending

Stairlift Repairs and Stairlift Installation in Bedford and BotetourtStairlifts operate by gliding up and down a track. The track remaining in good condition is crucial to the stairlift operation.

There are several ways your stairlift tracks can be damaged. Improper use of the stairlift is one. Another is obstruction. If someone leaves an object in the tracks, it can cause bending when the lift goes over it and may even get the chair stuck.

Finally, gravity affects everything! So, even when you do everything correctly, you must schedule regular maintenance to ensure the track remains operational. That will allow you to avoid some common stairlift repairs.

Chair Misalignment

In some cases, your chair may not move properly on the track. Worn-out parts can cause this. You may notice this if the chair sways or doesn’t move smoothly along the track. This issue should be addressed immediately to avoid safety problems. Regular maintenance will typically prevent chair misalignment.


Typically, chairlifts in Roanoke, Lynchburg, and the rest of Southwest Virginia do not have a lot of issues with corrosion. But on the coast, corrosion is a common reason for stairlift repairs (as well as mechanical issues elsewhere!).

Control System Malfunctions

Not all common stairlift problems are mechanical. Many are the result of electrical issues or user errors. This can be the case for control systems malfunctions.

If you have a difficult time starting or stopping your stairlift or controlling its speed, that may be the result of a control system failure.

The first thing to check for if your chairlift won’t start is whether it’s plugged in and properly hooked up. That may seem obvious, but it can save you a service call!

Power surges can also cause elements of the control system to short. And simple wear and tear can cause anything to stop working at its best when not maintained.

We recommend adding a surge protector between your stairlift and the outlet.  They are available at Lowes, Home Depot,  and Northwest Hardware.

Avoiding Common Stairlift Repairs

The best way to avoid any common stairlift repairs, especially the major ones, is to use your stairlift correctly and schedule regular inspections and maintenance. With the help of ADL, you’ll be able to use your stairlift for many years to come.