Anodyne Therapy Machine in Moneta, Hardy, Blacksburg, Rocky Mount and Nearby Cities

Pain is a very common part and parcel of your life and it grows as you grow in age. ADL- Advances for Daily Living is a local company that deeply feels for its customers whom we treat as our very own people. Hence for the elderly of this locality, we have come up with an anodyne therapy machine, that will help you to manage the pain and swelling that comes along with certain conditions. Founded in the year 1993, we have two decades worth of experience when it comes to various kinds of elderly requirements. From products like stair lifts, you step walkers, wheelchair lifts to medical items like lymphoedema pumps, devices, and even swelling and compression items, you need them, ADL has them for you. Also, when it comes to catheter supplies, we do not believe in any substitute for quality and reliability. This is the reason the people of Moneta, Hardy, Christiansburg, Blacksburg, Rocky Mount, VA, and Lynchburg trust our services and equipment.

Below we have mentioned a few commonly asked questions about the anodyne therapy machine. Take a look.Anodyne Therapy Machine in Danville, Roanoke, VA, Rocky Mount, VA

  1. What do anodyne machines do?

These machines are basically devices that can be particularly used on any part of the body, but temporarily, to basically increase as well as improve blood circulation. This circulation eventually helps in doing away with the stiffness and muscular spasms thus relieving the patient of pain.

  1. This device relieves pain in what ways?

An anodyne machine employs a particular infrared light through your red blood cells which release nitric oxide; which is a potent vasodilator.

  1. What is red-light therapy?

This treatment basically improves the appearance of your skin by reducing the redness, scars, acne, as well as wrinkles using low wavelength red light.

So, if you are looking for a medical therapy device to soothe your pain, you can get in touch with us.