Anodyne Therapy Machine in Danville, Roanoke, VA, Rocky Mount, VA, and Nearby Cities

Do you often feel stiffness in your body, pain, and muscle spasm? Then maybe it’s time to go for a checkup or undergo therapy to increase blood circulation and reduce such pains. At ADL- Advances for Daily Living We have an anodyne therapy machine which is used to give relief to back pain, knee pain, the burning and tingling feeling in the feet and legs, another joint pain? This machine had received its first clearance by the FDA in the year 1994 and henceforth remains the preferred choice for the people till did as it provides noninvasive and drug-free pain reduction. Anodyne therapy system uses infrared light-emitting diodes which actually penetrate deeply into your body to increase circulation and hence reduce pain. At ADL, We are well aware the different people’s needs are different, hence, apart from this we even have other variety of products designed to offer you a hassle-free and pain-free treatment whether you are recovering from post-surgical pain or any other chronic pain in your muscles.

Anodyne Therapy Machine in Danville, Roanoke, VA, Rocky Mount, VABelow we have mentioned 2 major diagnoses that can be treated with anodyne therapy. Take a look.

  • Diabetes

Please often experience pain in their body. This distinct pain is known as diabetic nerve pain which is the result of uncontrolled blood sugar levels. Add I’m happy might help to reduce this pain and give you relief before this permanently damages your nerves.

  • Peripheral neuropathy

Neuropathy means the pain those results from nerve damage. In extreme cases of such neuropathy pain arises in the foot or hands.  Though some might feel numbness, nerve damage, tingling in their feet, there are also people who show no symptoms at all.

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