5 Common Stairlift Misconceptions to Know Before You Make Your Stairlift Purchase in Lexington, Wytheville or Anywhere in Between!

Did you know that about 20 % of Americans will need to add stairlifts or other accessibility adjustments to their home at some point in their lives? But despite it affecting 1 in 5 in the American population, our cultural unwillingness to address aging has led to many common misconceptions about stairlifts.

Today, we’d like to address some facts about stairlifts that people often get wrong.

Stairlift Misconception 1: They Are Loud

Stairlift on Curved Staircase in Lexington, Wytheville, Christiansburg, and Covington, VAThe first stairlift misconception we’ll address is their noise level. The earliest stairlifts were built in the 1920s, and due to the limitations at the time, they were pretty noisy.

But, like the automobile, stairlifts have come a long way since the roaring twenties! Newer models are not only much quieter but also less bulky and obtrusive. Keeping your stairlift lubricated and well-maintained will also go a long way in keeping it quiet and in excellent condition.

Stairlift Misconception 2: They’re Only for Senior Citizens

Though 80 percent of stairlift users are over the age of 65, stairlifts can be helpful to anyone with mobility issues. And because stairlifts have evolved since the earliest models, adding a stairlift to your home should not require significant structural changes.

While some may be reluctant to add a stairlift temporarily, the ability to rent lifts for temporary usage can make their addition more appealing.

Stairlift Misconception 3: They Reduce Home Value

One common worry people have when they first consider adding a stairlift to their home is how it will affect their home value. Many believe adding a stairlift will make their homes more difficult to sell. In fact, the opposite is true.

While not everyone wants a stairlift, and some homeowners would prefer a home without one, there is a steady market for people who want more accessibility features in their homes. Even if you sell your home to a new owner who doesn’t need or want a stairlift, removing the stairlift is a simple enough procedure that it would rarely be a dealbreaker.

Stairlift Misconception 4: Stairlifts Are Unsafe

While we’re sympathetic to fears around using something mechanical to move you along your steps, not having a stairlift when you need one is more unsafe than using one.

Stairlifts must comply with numerous manufacturing and come equipped with safety features, including seatbelts, obstruction sensors, emergency stop buttons, and more.

The only danger in your stairlift is letting it deteriorate. With a maintenance agreement, you can have professionals such as ADL examine your stairlift regularly and prevent problems before they start.

Stairlift Misconception 5: Stairlifts Are Unaffordable

Finally, one stairlift misconception we frequently encounter at ADL is that stairlifts are unaffordable. Stairlifts come in various models to fit any budget, and we also offer rental plans if you cannot make a purchase. We are committed to working with our clients to get them the best stairlift for their needs. We also offer refurbished stairlifts that come with their own warranty!

Hopefully, we’ve alleviated some of your worries about stairlifts by dispelling these common misconceptions about stairlifts.